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Need info about c optimization



I have been put on a project that requires me to C optimization in my company.

Please suggest which modules i need to go through to learn optimization techniques

Also, suggest me any books/material on the same.

Due to lack of time, i will not be able study module by module. Hence this question.i have apt knwledge of C and am trying to focus on few module where i need to improve

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On Optimization:  First of you must have very clear concepts about compilation, assembly (binary) code generation, and linking.  ( Sessions 18 – 24 ).  In addition, you will have to understand the implementation of data structures like Stacks, Queues, etc.  There are quite a few program coding samples in the Labware pages that you can study, try to appreciate the comments made.

Sorry about the delay in the posting of the answer.

MLS Shastry

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