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Question regarding group query continued



Hello Sir,


Thanks for your email regarding group_copy. I tried to code the same way
Kindly can u please check if this looks good





struct Person {
char* name;
struct Person * favorite;

struct Team {
char* name;
struct PersonNode* head;
struct PersonNode* tail;

struct PersonNode {
struct Person* value;
struct PersonNode* next;
struct PersonNode* prev;

char* _strdup1(char* s) {
return strcpy(malloc(sizeof(*s) * (strlen(s) + 1)), s);

struct Team copy_team(struct Team* team){
//makes a deep copy of a team and returns a returns a struct Team object.
//Every struct Person the copy refers to (including the .name field of each)
//will be a new copy on the heap.
struct Team team_copy;
struct PersonNode* personnode_copy;
struct Person *person_copy;

if (team == NULL) {
// team_copy = NULL;

team_copy.head = NULL;
team_copy.tail = NULL;
team_copy.name = _strdup1(team->name);

team_copy.head = team->head;

while (team->tail != NULL)
personnode_copy = malloc(sizeof(struct PersonNode));
personnode_copy -> value = malloc(sizeof(struct Person));
personnode_copy -> value -> name = _strdup1(team->head->value->name);
personnode_copy -> value -> favorite = _strdup1(team->head->value->favorite);
team_copy.tail -> next = personnode_copy;
team_copy.tail -> next -> prev = team->tail;
team_copy.tail = team->tail -> next;
return team_copy;


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Sorry for the delay in posting the answer.  Let me not be so lazy in the future.

The deep copy code that you have given looks alright except that I would like to suggest a small change:

Use a pointer instead of a structure in the stack as follows:

struct Team * team_copy;


team_copy = malloc ( sizeof (struct Team) );

team_copy->head = NULL;


I have not, of course, gone through the code line by line.  You will have to check that.


MLS Shastry

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