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Question regarding Lab INtroduction 1 (Audio 31)



The Audio 31(Lab INtroduction 31) talks about various documents such as User guide, programmer’s guide, programmer’s reference etc. Where are these documents available?


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Programmers’ Guide,  Programmers’ Reference Manual, etc. are all UNIX standard manuals.  They are available online in the web.

However, the main purpose in these couple of sessions is to familiarize the student with the usage of “vi”  ( video editor ) to be used to enter C programs into a UNIX system. ( or a Linux system ).

If you are using a C compiler on Windows to do the assignments and exercises, you need not worry about this.

These sessions are useful if you have loaded a Linux version ( like Redhat Enterprise Linux ) into a laptop ( possibly under VMware ), then it is very useful to get fully familiar with the video editor.


Happy programming,

MLS Shastry

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